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326) Cook a turkey w/ stuffing

As ‘Martha Stewart’ as it sounds, preparing a whole turkey for an entire family is [&hellip

324) Make a gingerbread house

Check out our alpine ginger hobbit house. I hate to brag, but I think it’s [&hellip

319) Make Egg Nog Cheese Cake

Speaking of being “functioning grown ups,” this egg nog cheese cake was a smash hit [&hellip

309) Try Cachi (Persimmon)

[The following is a designated ‘John-only’ to-do] I didn’t really know what this fruit was [&hellip

297) Make Pumpkin Cookies

Another dark, cold, wet morning in Toronto, where everything looks drab and city stained. I [&hellip

296) Make Cinnamon Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet, salty, nutty goodness. The perfect simple-to-make snack for quiet nights at home, curled on [&hellip

295) Make Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

It seemed so ridiculous we had to give it a shot. Turns out pumpkin flavoured [&hellip

289) Make chocolate banana pops

Ok. These tasted waay better than they look&#

284) Make deep-fried pickles

Fail! Huge fail. This is one of those “theoretically good” to-do’s. As avid pickle eaters, [&hellip

280) Make espresso 

A simple, cheap $20.00 stove-top espresso maker from Canadian Tire is all we needed to [&hellip

278) Make french toast kabobs

French toast kabobs, guaranteed to make any Monday morning not suck

263) Do a wine tasting

Wine country is beautiful, even in the rain. Special thanks goes out to Brian & [&hellip

254) Make sushi

Making a California Roll from scratch is easy peasy. We found all the ingredients we [&hellip

252) Drink Kopi Luwak Coffee

[Gmail chat conversation between John & Laura on Jan 2, 2012] John: I’ve got a [&hellip

249) Try Galaktoburiko

Galakoburiko is a traditional Greek desert prepared with egg custard and phyllo, baked until crispy, [&hellip

243) Make a gourmet meal from canned food

I’d like to think that if we ever had a major calamity that shut down [&hellip

235) Eat an ostrich egg

As it turns out, buying an ostrich egg in Toronto is tricky. Timing is everything. [&hellip

224) Make dried food

Food is good. Eat well. Don’t overanalyze this. I’ve just started noticing how many food [&hellip

223) Invite John Pack to dinner

Us and John Pack go way back to 2007, the night we officially launched Labspace [&hellip

222) Make mushroom stock/soup

Yummy, earthy, wholesome mushroom-leek soup, made from our first batch of homemade mushroom stock. As [&hellip

220) Make caramelized popcorn

{Note: This here is the final to-do of ten completed last weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

219) Pick (and eat) wild mushrooms

{Note: This here is the ninth to-do of ten completed last weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

216) Make Irish stew

{Note: This here is the sixth to-do of ten completed last weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

215) Pickle something

{Note: This here is the fifth to-do of ten completed last weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

212) Eat a bug

{Note: This here is the second to-do of ten completed this past weekend at John’s [&hellip

206) Eat at Paulette’s

Everyone’s been buzzing about Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken. The small, quirky take-out joint opened [&hellip

205) Pick (and drink) wildflower tea

Red Clovers are often found in the wild, grassy meadows of Europe, Asia and North [&hellip

200) Make filet mignon from beef tenderloin

2 beef tenderloins, 12 pounds in total, prepared as filet mignon, served to 25 guests [&hellip

198)Try a Paleo Diet for a week

For the last two weeks we’ve been eating like cavemen — pounding back the veggies, [&hellip

190) Try Durian

In Southeast Asia, the Durian fruit is commonly called the “King of the Fruits,” a [&hellip

176) Eat dinner at Jim’s Restaurant

Jim’s Restaurant is an east-end greasy spoon dive that John and I have been frequenting [&hellip

170) Make noodles from scratch

This was all John. I can’t take credit for any of it, except maybe photos [&hellip

163) Cook on a fire rotisserie style 

So far on our 365 list we’ve knocked off a number of “fire” related to-do’s: [&hellip

161) Have a spaghetti fight

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” ― Mark [&hellip

139) Cook a meal in an earth oven

This half-worked, half-failed. Next time we attempt it, we’ll dig a bigger hole and add [&hellip

138) Try Montreal’s best Poutine

Poutine mega overload. (It was not the best, just the most)

133) Try kangaroo

For me, the thought of eating kangaroo was as absurd a thought as eating monkey [&hellip

130) Eat a candy apple

I really can’t stand snappy people snapping their annoying little fingers at service people. I [&hellip

129) Make butter chicken

I don’t think I’ve ever made anything with this many steps in it. I’m sure [&hellip

128) Make a mango kiwi smoothie

Kiwi, mango & banana: three singularly delicious fruits. For sure a kiwi-mango-banana smoothie would taste [&hellip

118) Drink Grappa

Greek Grappa (Tsipouro) is a strong distilled spirit containing approximately 45 percent alcohol, normally consumed [&hellip

117) Make sweet potato bread

Things you may not know about us: 1) We love sweet potatoes 2) Laura spills [&hellip

110) Eat a traditional South American meal

[Hurrah! Our pictures have been saved. Sorry for the delay. John’s laptop is now up [&hellip

94) Make dandelion tea

Went dandelion picking in John’s sister’s yard

91) Try goat cheesecake

Yes, yes, I know… we’re getting behind in posting our to-do’s. We’ve done them. It’s [&hellip

85) Try grapeless wine

Try, we did. The whole bottle. It was blueberry sweet. Very sweet. Then we bounced [&hellip

82) Make homemade orange juice

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] If you think your store-bought “100% pure OJ” [&hellip

81) Do a wheat grass shot

Loaded with enzymes, amino acids and healthy minerals, wheat grass shots are to health nuts [&hellip

70) Drink Ovaltine

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do] Somewhere along its 108-year history, Ovaltine lost its [&hellip

67) Make yogurt popsicles

If not for the tiny ice shards, I’d say our yogurt pops turned out tart [&hellip

66) Make a protein shake

Having just returned from a rigorous couple’s workout sesh (short form for session in aerobics [&hellip

61) Make bannock bread

Water, flour, baking powder, butter. That’s all it takes to make this simple and delicious [&hellip

53) Eat tripe

Let it be known that this to-do was another one of John’s crazy picks. Personally [&hellip

52) Try Romanesco

Galaxies, black holes, flowers, pine cones, sea shells, tree rings, cyclones, you can find spirals [&hellip

51) Try Cherimoya

The cherimoya is a sweet, succulent, subtropical fruit rumoured to be the tastiest fruit on [&hellip

44) Make pana cotta

I am a simple things kind of girl. I am not into frills or pretty [&hellip

42) Eat cactus

I own this cactus that for the last six months has decided to lean over [&hellip

40) Drink a Root Beer float

So we’re back in Toronto after a whirlwind trip to Belize. Despite American Airlines completely [&hellip

30) Drink water from a coconut

Coconut water is simply the best. I am actually mildly addicted to the stuff back [&hellip

27) Try deep-fried ice cream

Deep-fried ice cream should be served everywhere, at every restaurant, and off every ice cream [&hellip

25) Bake a cake for someone

This past weekend we baked a cake (our first cake ever) in honour of my [&hellip

24) Do a beer tasting

Bearded guys, short guys, young guys, old guys, guys of all shapes and colours, and [&hellip

20) Cook smore’s on the bbq

Last night we pitched our new tent in our muddy backyard, strung up lights, and [&hellip

16) Do a cheese tasting

There seems to be a running theme this week with our to-do list: it starts [&hellip

13) Make our own hummus

Hummus is the best. It’s quick, easy, high in protein, low in fat and loaded [&hellip

7) Mix a sex on the beach

Last night we headed out for a mingling event at “Art & Drinks” on the [&hellip

6) Make real hot chocolate

Last night John and I checked off a relatively easy to-do on our list of [&hellip

2) Make green eggs & ham

This morning John and I woke up, drank some coffee and scanned through our list [&hellip