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299) Finish Days that End in Y project 17 Dec 2012

Days that end in Y was a short lived project that John and I started back in the fall of 2009, inspired by a yard sale in which I irrationally sold nearly everything I owned; this included my entire wardrobe and a whole whack of books and cd’s I had been stockpiling. One day I just woke up and sold it all. At the time it felt completely and utterly satisfying to purge myself of all the unnecessary “stuff” I felt had been cramping my less-is-more lifestyle, until I woke up the next morning and realized I had absolutely nothing to wear and no money to buy new clothes. Um… Shit?

So we started a little screen printing project called Days that end in Y. We designed seven shirts for each day of the week and vowed to wear these shirts, and only these shirts, until we could no longer stand to wear them. It would be a practical project; a modest stand against the evils of consumerist culture; a sociological experiment of the everyday; or at the very least, something to keep us both occupied. Except we never did complete the project. Winter came along and screen printing inside became a nuisance. We got as far as making a ‘Wednesday’ & ‘Thursday’ shirt before putting the project on permanent hold.

Fast forward to 2012…..
Thanks to our 365 challenge, we finally got our act together and finished printing our shirts. To keep things fresh, we’ve each got different coloured shirts for each day of the week; this way we avoid looking like those freaky couples who walk around wearing matching sneakers and track suits, oblivious to the fact that they look slightly deranged and awkward.

We’ve been sporting this low-key look for just over a month now. I don’t know about John, but I have no intention of wearing regular clothes for awhile. I enjoy not having to think about what I’m going to wear each morning. I enjoy the random conversations with strangers that these shirts seem to generate. I also enjoy the idea of not needing anything; of being satisfied with what I’ve got. People keep asking us what we want for Christmas and I keep telling them the same thing: Nothing. We want nothing. We have too much as it is.

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