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81) Do a wheat grass shot 9 Apr 2012

Loaded with enzymes, amino acids and healthy minerals, wheat grass shots are to health nuts and yoga moms as vodka shots are to Russians. They say that one shot of this concentrated green grass elixir is equal in overall nutrition to a whole bushel of vegetables (and by they, I mean the internet of course).

Hype aside, we decided to give it a try as part of our tip top training regime (PS: I love saying that….training regime).

For $2.99 a pop at the Big Carrot Juice Bar on the Danforth, we gulped our shots down rather hastily. For that price I would have preferred to sip it casually, but we were running low on time.

Wheat grass tastes exactly how freshly cut grass smells, and according to John, exactly how raw corn tastes. Ew?

In conclusion: We will likely never buy another wheat grass shot again. I choose vegetables over grass any day.