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30) Drink water from a coconut 11 Feb 2012

Coconut water is simply the best. I am actually mildly addicted to the stuff back in Toronto, so much so that I’ve formed a special coconut water bond with the guy who runs our local market at Queen & Broadview. He too is a big fan of the refreshingly delicious beverage, and every time I buy a can from him he looks at me with a knowing grin (if you’re in his coconut club, you’ll know what I mean).

In Belize city we met a cool guy named “Ninety” serving fresh, ice cold coconut water from the side of the road. “Pick your coconut purdy lady,” he said in a thick Afro-Caribbean accent. Naturally, I picked the biggest, roundest and freshest looking nut. He then chopped off the top with his machete, handed me a bottle of rum, asked me to pour my share, and stuck in a bendy straw. Yum.

First time drinking coconut water from a real coconut. Way way better than anything in a can.

2 Responses

    Bill says:

    I too am addicted to coconut water and as such am mighty jealous of this “thing” being checked off your list.

    What brand of coconut water do you drink in Toronto?

    admin says:

    I drink ‘Grace.’ It’s full of sugar and sodium metabisuphite. But it’s oh so good.