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360) Yodel

After nearly a year of 365 “firsts,” I can honestly say that nothing has been [&hellip

354) Navigate without a compass 

Today on our lunch break, we walked over to our favourite place in the city, [&hellip

349) Roll a kayak

Knowing how to “roll a kayak” is an essential skill to know for anyone pursuing [&hellip

338) Throw a pie in someone’s face

Oh the proverbial ‘pie in the face’ act. That gag never seems to go out [&hellip

336) Dance the tango

Nothing beats walking into a room that you think is a beginner’s Argentinian Tango class [&hellip

330) Solder something

What to do with excess gingerbread dough, two hyperactive kids who need something to keep [&hellip

229) Learn to Fly fish

Like most sports, fly fishing requires patience and practice. Watching someone else do it (like [&hellip

328) Tie a Fly

After 40+ years of being stowed away in a closest, out came John’s dad’s fly [&hellip

327) Pick a lock

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to get ‘er done. We’ve been [&hellip

325) Change a car’s oil

So not our most exciting to-do on the list, but a useful skill nevertheless. You [&hellip

294) Make an orange peel lamp

Dear Readers, John’s back from Europe! (I was starting to miss the guy). Thank you [&hellip

268) Practice setting a snare

There are many different ways to set a snare. This method here is called the [&hellip

208) Learn a new hair braid

Performing this to-do was a pretty epic deal for me. I know that sounds dramatic [&hellip

203) Identify new constellations

Sunday night while watching meteors zip across the sky, we managed to locate Hercules and [&hellip

195) Paddle stern

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] Knowing how to paddle is one thing, but [&hellip

171) Juggle with three balls

Overall, I’d say I put in a good 5 hours of practicing how to jungle [&hellip

157) Filet a fish

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] Dead Stuff with Dave Meets 365 Saturday afternoon [&hellip

152) Hand milk a cow

Friday was a chaotic day for us. After work we just wanted to go somewhere [&hellip

136) Learn a sleight of hand magic trick

This is not a how-to video. This is just us on a patio showing off [&hellip

112) Learn a bird call

The call of the wild chicken&#

87) Make a tilt shift photo

Last night we found ourselves at Yonge & Dundas square (i.e. Toronto’s modestly modest version [&hellip

86) Try to slackline

Tightrope walking has been around for thousands of years. Slacklining, on the other hand, is [&hellip

75) Identify animal tracks

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] I picture an ideal version of myself: someone [&hellip

74) Identify a new bird

During our 3-day canoe trip down the Saugeen River, we encountered a staggering number of [&hellip

69) Learn to tie new knots

Knowing how to properly string a tarp, tie off a canoe, or hang your food [&hellip

60) Cook with a “tripod” over the fire 

Cooking over a fire without a grill can be difficult. But if you have three [&hellip

59) Start fire with flint & tinder

Thanks to our trusty char cloth we made last week, we managed to light all [&hellip

56) Make char cloth

We’re heading north this weekend for our first canoe trip of the season. The weather [&hellip

46) Shuck an oyster

I’ll be honest, I don’t like oysters. I know they’re considered classy cuisine, but seriously, [&hellip

12) Tie a Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is a thick, wide and triangular tie knot commonly seen on business [&hellip

4) Light a match with our teeth

Today we joined the ranks of the cinematic badasses out there and learned how to [&hellip