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John & Laura

John Loerchner and Laura Mendes have been working together creatively since 2004. They met as undergrads at the University of Toronto. Laura ran the student gallery on campus and led the UofT Arts Collective. John ran the student newspaper and made bizarre performance art. One project led to another, and then another…..and they’ve been working together ever since.

(Somewhere along the way they also fell in love. But that’s a whole other story).

John and Laura are currently the Directors/Curators of Labspace Studio, a creative enterprise they established in 2007 in Toronto’s east end. Labspace Studio is part art-house, part creative ad agency. You can learn all about it by clicking right here.

Under the Labspace banner, John & Laura have produced over 2 dozen multidisciplinary events and exhibitions, working with over 400 artists and creative professionals from across North America. Their art and curatorial projects reflect their mutual interest in collaboration, exploration, nature, sociology, technology, and the practical applications of ‘creativity’ to everyday life.

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