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198)Try a Paleo Diet for a week 7 Aug 2012

For the last two weeks we’ve been eating like cavemen — pounding back the veggies, fish, and organic, grass-fed meat, mixing them together with hard-boiled eggs, adding some fruit on the side, with seeds and nuts for snacks, and that’s pretty much it. No dairy, no sugar, no wheat or legumes have entered either of our digestive systems since we began this tumultuous to-do back in July; with the exception being this past weekend at John sister’s wedding, where we mowed down on space cookies, chocolate cake, tacos, pana cotta, and…and…I can keep going.

The Paelo Diet is based on a simple premise: the idea that modern humans are genetically adapted to the diet of their Paleolithic ancestors and that our genetics haven’t changed much since the agricultural age. Thus, an ideal diet for modern humans would be one that resembles an ancestral diet — just simple, clean foods.

The Paleo Diet is definitely a contentious one and I encourage anyone interested in trying it out to do your research first or consult your doctor. We had planned to go “Paleo” for only a week — but, by the end of our week, we both felt stronger and healthier, less bloated and groggy, and willing to keep the diet going for a little longer. Moving forward, though, I think we’ll continue on our “Paleo” streak but break rules whenever we see fit. Legumes I’ll definitely bring back (I can’t deal with not having hummus everyday). Dairy we’ll bring back on certain occasions (weekends, maybe?) — I know John hates drinking his coffee black. Sugar will always be a hard one for me to cut out (I love my sweets). But I’ll save them for really special occasions (or maybe just special weekends).

Ultimately, the best part of going “Paleo” was that it forced us both to think simply about what we put in our bodies everyday. There’s so much junk and poison out there on our grocery shelves. I truly believe that simplicity is key, in all aspects of life. Our goals moving forward: Live simply, eat simply, and consume less….of everything.

*Special thanks to our good friend Paul for all his Paelo resources and convincing us to give it a try :)


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