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235) Eat an ostrich egg 30 Sep 2012

As it turns out, buying an ostrich egg in Toronto is tricky. Timing is everything. Prime egg-laying season is between April and September (I wish we had known that earlier), so if you want one now you’ll have to wait for it. You’ll also have to wait in line if you want first dibs this spring.

As is stands, we’re 45th in line on a growing waiting list for a premium egg from White Rock Ostrich Farm. Which is exciting I guess, but doesn’t help us very much considering our 365 project expires January 12th, 2013. Looks like our giant ostrich omelette will have to wait.

In lieu of this to-do, though, we decided to try the next best thing: ostrich meat. We found some over at the St. Lawrence Market. It was expensive, and rightfully so, about $25 a pound. John prepared it like a steak, topping it with mushroom, onion and cream sauce, with shrimp on the side.

Ostrich has quite a gamey flavour, as I learned, like venison or bison. If you’re not into gamey things like myself, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are, give it a try (for novelty’s sake if anything). John quite enjoyed it.