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4) Light a match with our teeth 16 Jan 2012

Today we joined the ranks of the cinematic badasses out there and learned how to ignite a match off our teeth.

It took us approximately fifteen minutes, a quick youtube tutorial, and a box of strike-anywhere matches.

I’ll confess it took me a little longer than John to get the hang of it. But I am pretty sure that’s only because my teeth are smaller and smoother than his.

To conclude: Striking a match off your teeth is completely doable (just like in the movies). Your teeth will need to be dry and you will need to stay calm. I recommend practicing in the mirror first, especially if you plan on busting this trick out at parties. Keep in mind you will probably not look sexy doing it. Ever. Only cowboys in the movies can look sexy. And maybe Bender from The Breakfast Club (if you’re into that kind of guy).

We leave you with a little video John put together.

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