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357) Get a foot massage

Today I learned there’s a major difference between a “foot massage” and “foot reflexology.” A [&hellip

352) Floss a six pack stomach

2012 was a physically active year for us. I’d say it was the most physically [&hellip

230) Get a shiatsu massage

Some words to describe our first experience with shiatsu therapy: soft, quiet, light, intuitive, graceful, [&hellip

188) Grow some sprouts

I can’t tell you how long we’ve been searching for a Chia Pet; probably since [&hellip

165) Harvest something from the yard

Back in March (which feels like forever ago), we planted our first herb garden. A [&hellip

127) Wear all natural deodorant

Aluminum free, GMO-free, bamboo, vegan deodorant with immune supplements! We’re turning into a fine pair [&hellip

119) Whiten our teeth

This process felt a little silly…but there you have it, now we’ve done it

98) Try a ridiculous cold remedy

Nothing sucks more than waking up with a head cold the day you have to [&hellip

72) Bike to Etobicoke

Yesterday, as part of our tip-top training regime and to pick-up a yoke for our [&hellip

71) Plant an herb garden

They’re growing!

48) Organize our loose change

A boy and a girl walk into a bank carrying a large, suspicious cylinder of [&hellip

45) Get a pedicure

Tonight we took our battered soles to Timeless Nails & Spa in Leslieville for our [&hellip

18) Trim my nose hairs

[The following is a designated ‘John-only’ to-do] On Friday my “Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose [&hellip

10) Organize our closet

According to old Chinese custom, New Year’s eve is an ideal time to clean your [&hellip