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6) Make real hot chocolate 19 Jan 2012

Last night John and I checked off a relatively easy to-do on our list of 360 remaining items; we made real hot chocolate for the first time.

While prepping our mix, we also brushed up on some Mayan history (another to-do on the list).

According to the books, the first chocolate beverage was created by the Ancient Maya over 2000 years ago. They considered the beverage sacred – a drink of the gods – and served it only to their most privileged elites (nobles, shamans, artists, merchants, and warriors).

The Maya would have used ground cocoa seeds, water, cornmeal and chilli peppers in their mixtures. But for tonight, we grabbed whatever we had kicking around our kitchen: organic whole milk, table cream and high quality German chocolate (Milka Alpenmilch).

The result: outstanding! By far the best hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted (and it was quick to do). Never again will we use those sad little hot chocolate packets you find in grocery stores. Never. Those are for chumps.

Homemade hot chocolates in hand, we took a brisk walk around
our east-end hood, took some pictures of our favourite spots,
and then headed back before our fingers froze off.

Recipe – Simple and Delicious Hot Chocolate

(Recipe for two)

-2 cups milk
-1/4 cup heavy cream
-1 100g chocolate bar chopped up (the good stuff)

1)Slowly bring milk to boiling point
2)Add in chopped chocolate
3)Stir and keep at low heat until chocolate is fully mixed
4)Serve and enjoy