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353) Keep a travel log

Every year I say I’m going to keep an accurate travel log, and every year [&hellip

318) Visit the Varley Art Gallery

Our last remaining art gallery on our list of galleries to visit happens to be [&hellip

308) See Gaudi’s Sagrada Família

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do] I have wanted to see this building for [&hellip

291) Make healthy jello

Oh Jello. You’re so giggly and playful and colourful and that’s why kids love you. [&hellip

262) Travel w/ just the clothes on our back

A night in Niagra Falls without a toothbrush or a change of underwear It was [&hellip

239) Kayak Lake Superior

How adorable does our kayak look on top of our little-rental-that-could

210) Visit Bon Echo Provincial park

John’s lucky red sweater + his little red rental car + our trusty canoe = [&hellip

150) Drive around a Great Lake

Throughout our years together we’ve gone on a number of epic road trips: we’ve driven [&hellip

149) Visit the Heidelberg Project

“My job as an artist is to come up with solutions….” -Tyree Guyton (Artist and [&hellip

148) Visit Chicago 

After only two days of running around Chicago, we’ve decided it’s our new favourite city. [&hellip

145) Visit the Chicago Art Institute

Another must-see art museum on our list, for all sorts of reasons, but mostly for [&hellip

144) Visit the Toledo Museum of art

Despite recent pockets of development and a semi-burgeoning arts district, Toledo Ohio is still very [&hellip

142) Visit the Albright Knox gallery

So John and I, being the crafty multi-taskers that we are, took off on a [&hellip

137) Visit Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium, the world’s tallest slanted structure and stadium. Built for Montreal’s 1976 Summer Olympic [&hellip

100) Visit Machu Picchu

Our 100th to-do! We’ve been waiting for this one for five years. I’ll let the [&hellip

97) Travel to South America

We did it. We’re here in Peru. We’ve been talking about this trip for about [&hellip

34) Lounge on a tropical beach

We’ve be going and going this past week: exploring caves, jungles, waterfalls, coral reefs and [&hellip

29) Visit Belize

Salutations from Belize! I am writing this post from a little beach cabana about 20 [&hellip