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358) Make an ice sculpture

Late night experiments using ice, glass, light, and a drill

356) Get our fortune told

Giovanna has been in the “psychic” business for 17 years. From everything I’ve read online, [&hellip

346) Cross-country ski

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only’ to-do] Flying down hills at fast speeds, strapped to [&hellip

343) Vow a day of silence

All I can recall were the nuances of the day: the long, silent drive to [&hellip

339) Send a parcel to a stranger

If all goes according to plan, someone named Erin Lindsay from Calgary, Alberta (a stranger [&hellip

335) Make a 10’+ ft. snow man

There were those that doubted us on this to-do. 10 feet? Seriously? Um, like, how [&hellip

332) Toboggan in Toronto

There’s freakin’ snow in Toronto. Like everywhere! I thought we’d have to kill this to-do [&hellip

331) Have a winter picnic

Next weekend we head up north to do some winter camping and knock off the [&hellip

314) Winter hot tubbing

John’s return to Toronto (after a month of being away from home) was promptly followed [&hellip

308) See Gaudi’s Sagrada Família

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do] I have wanted to see this building for [&hellip

304) Research the 2012 Mayan Prophecy

Well here we are on the morning of December 21st, the end of the Mayan [&hellip

292) Jello eating contest

This to-do is dedicated to all the college frat parties we never attended nor were [&hellip

282) Dress up…for fun

Last week on a whim we decided to dress up for fun. That morning we [&hellip

281) Get our shoes shined

My father used to go to work every morning in shiny leather shoes. He’d keep [&hellip

274) Dismantle a complex electronic device

It should be said, this to-do requires that we “dismantle a complex electronic device” NOT [&hellip

266) Conduct our own acid rain project

According to the pH strips in our kids chemistry set, our Toronto rain water has [&hellip

259) Bet on a horse

This was not how I imagined it would be. In my head I imagined more [&hellip

258) Watch a horse race

We watched, we bet, we lost, we ate, we left

245) Decorate for Halloween

Last Halloween John and I ditched a friend’s Halloween party, stayed home instead, turned off [&hellip

244) Buy fudge from a trading post

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life driving up north to the cottage. Always [&hellip

238) Go to a live taping of a TV show

If we lived in New York City, we’d totally attend a live taping of the [&hellip

237) Go to the symphony (blindfolded)

First off, thanks to John’s parents who agreed to partake in this “cultural experience” with [&hellip

233) Own an ant farm

We have yet to figure out why our ants have barely responded to their new, [&hellip

232) Canada’s Wonderland date

The last time either of us visited Canada’s Wonderful, we were like sixteen or something. [&hellip

228) Explore Aromatherapy

Without access to a certified aromatherapist, or an amateur aromatherapist for that matter (the sales [&hellip

227) Ph Test our water

We wanted to be sure our city water was safe to drink and the only [&hellip

211) Cut each other’s hair

{Note: This was the first to-do of ten completed this past weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

185) Start a rock collection

If there’s anything as titillating as building a burgeoning rock collection, it’s photographing a burgeoning [&hellip

168) Build an Inuksuk

With deep roots in Inuit culture, the Inuksuk was used as a navigational device to [&hellip

160) Pluck a chicken

[Warning: this video may upset some] A recent survey in Britain revealed that 1 in [&hellip

151) Write a jingle together

Most people don’t know this about me, but I’m an exceptional bad jingle writer. This [&hellip

147) Visit a Chicago jazz bar

For a little over a year, John and I ran a small jazz series from [&hellip

146) Leave a lock on a bridge

On bridges across the globe from Paris to New York to Rome, personalized love locks [&hellip

126) Play checkers in the park

Originally I had envisioned us playing checkers with a little old man at one of [&hellip

113) Go commando for a weekend

Apparently in the jungle it is recommended to go without socks and underwear in order [&hellip

109) Feed a Lama

Before this week, I’d never met a lama. We don’t have many lamas in Toronto. [&hellip

108) Catch a butterfly (then let it go)

Along the Inca Trail alone there are close to 4000 varieties of butterflies. We managed [&hellip

107) Learn to knit

When I was younger my mother use to draw. She was an exceptional drawer; portraits [&hellip

99) Ride on a rickshaw

As I feared (and half-expected), my lost luggage won’t be arriving here in time for [&hellip

96) Make out on the bleachers

What a weekend. We’re spent. Exhausted. Can barely type. Resorting to short sentences. Eyelids closing….. [&hellip

95) Ring an old church bell

This was one of the highlights of my weekend Thanks to big brother Dave for [&hellip

93) Have a couples sleepover

Impromptu couples sleepover party with John, his sister Liz, and Emmanuel

92) Calculate our bodyweight in stones

Admittedly, this is a ridiculous to-do…. Have you ever watched that show….that hilariously alarming British [&hellip

89) Throw a surprise birthday party

The thing I really love about this crazy project of ours (which, I’ll admit, is [&hellip

84) Make a playlist of accordion songs

Today we finally put together that accordion playlist we’ve been meaning to do for over [&hellip

68) Go curling!

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] A week ago I received an invite from [&hellip

63) Camp in Spring Thaw

“Thaw with her gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer. The one [&hellip

50) Drink wine at a movie theatre

If you’re looking to drink an entire bottle of wine in a movie theatre and [&hellip

47) Kiss upsidedown like Spiderman

Nimbly and awkwardly, against the pale moonlight of a cool, winter night, he hangs silently [&hellip

43) Smoke a cuban cigar

Friday Night: A Friday night in Toronto, and we had options. We could have attended [&hellip

22) Camp out in our backyard

It’s an abnormally balmy February morning in Toronto. The sweet smell of mud, the damp [&hellip

21) String backyard lights

Last night we pitched our new tent in our muddy backyard, strung up lights, and [&hellip

11) Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Today marks the dawn of the Year of the Dragon, [&hellip

1) Finish a list of 365 things we’d like to do

Today we completed our big bad mother of all to-do lists. 365 to-do items for [&hellip