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362) Make a photo scrapbook

As John and I near the end of this year-long project of ours, we’ve had [&hellip

359) Build a robot

Our friend and colleague, Gram Schmalz, is a brilliant guy. His official title with Labspace [&hellip

355) Make a sundial

In its most basic form, a sundial is any device that can tell the time [&hellip

334) Brew our own beer

Down the street from us on Danforth Ave is a magical place called Fermentations, a [&hellip

333) Make our own wine

More Christmas presents thanks to Fermentations

322) Make a wreath

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] I love the fact that this year John [&hellip

305) Visit a Monastery

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do] High atop a misty mountain peak in the [&hellip

299) Finish Days that End in Y project

Days that end in Y was a short lived project that John and I started back [&hellip

286) Make our own mug

Does this count? I sure hope so. Firing it would have taken two extra weeks [&hellip

284) Make a secret hideaway book

This was sooo much fun to do, and so easy! I have no idea what [&hellip

279) Make a jellyfish light box

I think Jellyfish are by far the most magical, ethereal, extraordinary, most bizarre looking creatures [&hellip

277) Make a Periodic Table art work

Chemistry aside, there’s something genuinely satisfying about the design and layout of the Periodic Table [&hellip

260) Make a headboard for our bed

I know what you’re thinking…. “Lame.” Fair enough, but understand, making a headboard for our [&hellip

255) Etch our names in steel

Thanks (once again) to John’s Dad for lending out his machinery and overseeing the entire etching [&hellip

253) Make a tie-dye shirt

Our all natural turmeric tie dye t-shirts turned out pretty alright (at least mine did). [&hellip

250) Hand carve a pipe

How to Make a Pipe 1) Find a piece of wood that already looks like [&hellip

247) Wrap a gift in handmade paper

Our good friend Vasa invited us over for dinner the other night. As a thank-you, [&hellip

246) Weave a basket

We tried. Then we tried again, and again, and then again, until we decided to [&hellip

241) Build a raft

Meet Twiggy, our mini-raft mascot. We felt the need to add a little something extra, [&hellip

240) Make our own rope

After searching for an hour in vain for suitable rope making material — climbing over [&hellip

229) Make homemade soap

In our ongoing effort to rid our home of unnecessary toxins and chemicals, we cooked [&hellip

217) Make a bolt

{Note: This here is the seventh to-do of ten completed last weekend at John’s family’s [&hellip

214) Bake a pie from scratch

{Note: This here is the fourth to-do of ten completed this past weekend at John’s [&hellip

213) Make homemade jam

{Note: This here is the third to-do of ten completed this past weekend at John’s [&hellip

204) Keep a book of pressed-flowers

To see a world in a grain of sand And a Heaven in a wild [&hellip

178) Draw Fibonacci spirals

In 12th century Italy, a man known as “Fibonacci” developed a simple mathematical system, derived [&hellip

177) Build a water reservoir

Originally we had big plans to build an actual, legitimate, real life water reservoir to [&hellip

175) Create a mass public art work

Confessions Underground Back in October of 2011, John and I presented at an art conference [&hellip

174) Make a team L.J flag

Sometimes couples need a little motivation, a wee reminder that they’re a team, through and [&hellip

166) Make homemade yogurt 

Technically we didn’t fail this to-do, we just forgot to check our yogurt before it [&hellip

164) Make butter

How to make butter the hardcore pioneer way 1) Hand-milk a cow 2) Let milk [&hellip

158) Wear a rope belt

Saturday afternoon / 4:30pm: Rope belts! They’re all the rage in the fashion world. Also, [&hellip

140) Bake a giant cookie

It’s just one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but never have because [&hellip

135) Make a candle

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] Sometimes when John’s out for the night, I [&hellip

132) Send a message in a bottle

Full disclosure: This to-do is a shameless publicity stunt for our upcoming art commission, Confessions [&hellip

124) Braid a grass necklace

This necklace is dedicated to all the hippie chicks in my high-school who used to [&hellip

121) Build an exploding volcano

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] How many artists does it take to make [&hellip

120) Curate a street festival

After 8 months of hair-pulling, conference calls, admin-ing and creative visioning, we’re ready to roll…. [&hellip

103) Make a paddle

Technically, we didn’t make this remarkable Amazonia paddle. I wish we had, but it would [&hellip

80) Make a tree-swing somewhere

Swing at your own risk. (Leslie Spit, Toronto) More Spit Love here. and here

78) Make a birch bark cup

The birch tree is one of my favourite trees; up there with the mighty Sequoia, [&hellip

76) Make a sea-shell necklace

Ok, so technically these aren’t shells from the sea; they’re snail shells, and we found [&hellip

73) Modify a piece of gear

If you’ve been following our posts or you know us personally, you’ll know that we’re [&hellip

65) Carve J + L = Love in something

Before I go on to tell the story of how we professed our undying love [&hellip

57) Build a fountain for the backyard

Springtime seduced us this week with her sunshine and abnormally balmy weather, causing us to [&hellip

55) Make our own paper

Last night we spent a quiet evening making our first batch of homemade paper from [&hellip

23) Make a mobile

Perhaps it’s the dancer in me that is fascinated by mobiles. I can somehow stare [&hellip

19) Make shelves for the bedroom

Tonight John and I cut up some triangles with the left over wood from last [&hellip

9) Make a paper crane

I fondly remember as a kid reading the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper [&hellip

5) Hand write a letter to mom

Yesterday evening we took some time to hand write and mail letters to our moms. [&hellip