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312) Read a sports book

[The following is a designated ‘John-only’ to-do] My first “sports” based book and, fortunately, far from [&hellip

311) Read ‘The Monkey Wrench Gang’

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do] The Monkey Wrench Gang is a fictional story [&hellip

265) Read the Communist Manifesto

Ok, it was boring. I mean in a really, really interesting sort of way. I [&hellip

231) Read Surfacing by Margaret Atwood

John didn’t like this book so much. I’m paraphrasing here, but I’m pretty sure he [&hellip

209) Read The Teachings of Don Juan

Carlos Castaneda was an anthropology student at UCLA when he first began writing about his [&hellip

194) Read while drifting in a canoe

Learning some skills in mid-drift. A perfect way to pass a lazy afternoon on the [&hellip

193) Read ‘Path of the Paddle’ by Bill Mason

“….the canoe is not a lifeless, inanimate object; it feels very much alive, alive with [&hellip

192) Read all of Genesis

When I was twelve, I had the biggest crush on this older Italian boy from [&hellip

184) Read ‘Shackleton’s Boat Journey’

“We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had [&hellip

180) Read ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ by Tom Robbins

Jitterbug Perfume tells the parallel story of Priscilla, the genius waitress and aspiring perfumer, and [&hellip

141) Read all of Revelation

Revelation is a chapter in the bible that wasn’t taught much when I (John here) [&hellip

62) Finish ‘The Long Journey home’ by Edward Abbey

We’ve carried this book around for a year not wanting to finish, not wanting the [&hellip