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223) Invite John Pack to dinner 14 Sep 2012

Us and John Pack go way back to 2007, the night we officially launched Labspace Studio. It was New Year’s eve, sometime in the wee morn, well after the party had ended, our music still pounding through the walls, and there he was: standing livid in our studio doorway, about to saw us to pieces. That was the first time we met John Pack.

As it turned out, John owned the carpentry studio below us, and that morning he had arrived especially early to finish a shipment for a client. I felt awful. I spent the whole next month kissing his ass, trying to be nice to him every opportunity I could get. Somehow we became friends, great friends in fact. Over the years he’s become almost like an uncle to us – full of wisdom, advice and hippie adventures.

Dinner last week with him (our first together) was great. After moving his studio up north, we rarely get the chance to see him anymore. Cheers to John Pack. We miss you.