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7) Mix a sex on the beach 20 Jan 2012

Last night we headed out for a mingling event at “Art & Drinks” on the west side. Hosted by John Oswald and organized by Asad Raza, the mingling was for the curators of the Art of The Danforth festival coming up this summer (we’re curating zone 2). We figured if we wanted to get behind a bar to mix a drink this was probably our best opportunity. And so it was that last night Laura and I mixed our first “Sex on the beach.”

My fascination with this drink started in high school. I was in Montreal on one of those binge-drinking New Year’s trips that everyone does in high school. I was sitting in our seedy hotel bar sipping on a pint when the waiter walked by with a pink and orange concoction. It looked like a terrible drink but I loved the colours and the way the orange and red slowly swirled together. It wasn’t until much later that I actually figured out what that drink was. And much later till I mixed one for the fist time.

We didn’t actually drink them ourselves, we gave them complimentary to bar owner (John Oswald) and bar tender (Lisa) in gratitude. After my last trip to Russia I don’t drink vodka anymore. And cocktails give Laura heart burn.

Here’s the recipe:

Sex on the Beach

-1 1/2 ounces vodka
-1/2 ounce peach schnapps
-2 ounces orange juice
-2 ounces cranberry juice

In a collins glass add ice, vodka, schnapps and cranberry juice. Mix. Slowly pour the orange juice on top of the mixture. Serve.