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53) Eat tripe 9 Mar 2012

Let it be known that this to-do was another one of John’s crazy picks. Personally I’ve never longed to eat the lining of a cow’s stomach. I didn’t even know you could eat the lining of a cow’s stomach. But what do I know. Certainly nothing about tripe or animal stomaches or exotic cultural delicacies.

Last night we walked over to China Town east and had our tripe in a hot bowl of Vietnamese pho. Woah. Weird. Tripe is weird. Its texture is tough, slightly crunchy and goes down like rubbery tendrils. The taste was mild, almost tasteless. Not bad, but definitely not good. I don’t think I’ll be eating this delicacy again.

Sorry John, I know you enjoyed it.

I mean, look at this. Weird, right?
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