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51) Try Cherimoya 7 Mar 2012

The cherimoya is a sweet, succulent, subtropical fruit rumoured to be the tastiest fruit on the planet. Mark Twain in 1866 called it the most “delicious fruit known to man.” Many will say it tastes like a cross between between a banana, a pineapple and a mango, but they’re way off. A cherimoya is so much more than that. Picture a creamy, juicy, non-gritty pear, with hints of banana custard, coconut cream pie and pineapple yogurt. It’s almost unreal how good this fruit is. Seriously, go try it. It’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last ten hours since we sampled it over breakfast.

Cherimoyas are expensive and hard to find, especially here in Toronto during winter months. Our heart-shaped cherimoya set us back a hefty $6. We managed to track it down at that monolithic Loblaws mega super store in the old Maple Leaf Gardens Arena. God that place is orange.

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