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178) Draw Fibonacci spirals 12 Jul 2012

In 12th century Italy, a man known as “Fibonacci” developed a simple mathematical system, derived from ancient Indian teachings, to explain the complex algorithms, sequences and equations that make up the spiral pattern, one of the oldest and most enigmatic sacred images known to man.

If you look closely at things, you’ll find Fibonacci spirals everywhere: tree branches, sea shells, flower petals, pine cones, romanesco, galaxies, human DNA; it’s mind boggling how prevalent spirals are in nature.

While at the beach the other day, we created a Fibonacci spiral of our own, using a square piece of paper to create a grid structure in the sand, and stones to build the actual curve. If you get the chance, please watch the video above. We didn’t make it ourselves, but it’s a visually stunning, crafty and informative video. It directly inspired this to-do of ours.