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255) Etch our names in steel 14 Oct 2012

Thanks (once again) to John’s Dad for lending out his machinery and overseeing the entire etching process to help us complete this awesome to-do.

[John’s Notes]
A few details I’d like to add:
-Ok, I know, it’s not steel…it’s brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. But it’s etched and it’s hard, so close enough.
-We used nail polish to draw out our letters, then etched the copper with Ferric Chloride. As my dad says “this is the original method”. It’s how the old school dudes did it, so it’s pretty authentic…(except for the nail polish part).
-So no, not actually our names…we figured Team LJ was even better.

And now we have personalized key chains we made ourselves to last us the rest of our lives!