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73) Modify a piece of gear 30 Mar 2012

If you’ve been following our posts or you know us personally, you’ll know that we’re madly in love with our little, red canoe. During summer months we’ve been known to drag the thing through the streets of toronto, all the way down to the waterfront on a make-shift pulley. Our neighbours get a real kick out of that.

This weekend we head out on another canoe trip, this time down the Saugeen River. In preparation for this trek (our first full-length river paddle), we thought it would be fun to customize the canoe a little.

Modifications included: replacing the old yoke with a comfortable, portage-friendly cherry wood yoke that wraps around the neck perfectly; and adding some semi-permanent knee pads to help with balance and stability while paddling through rapids.

So we’re off…see you in a couple days.

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