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177) Build a water reservoir 12 Jul 2012

Originally we had big plans to build an actual, legitimate, real life water reservoir to harvest and recycle rainwater from the backyard. Unfortunately, when it came down to actually researching and planning the logistics of this endeavour, we decided it just wasn’t feasible given our current living arrangements :(

Ultimately, any type of water reservoir would have to be approved by our landlord George, a nice man, but I’m pretty sure if we asked him permission to install anything else in his backyard he’d go ape shit. I’m still amazed he hasn’t said anything to us about our rusted lime green water fountain, our charcoal barbecue, our little red canoe, and that old, broken window pane we’ve been planning to turn into art since last August.

One day when we live in our own house on our property, we’ll build a serious rainwater harvesting system. For now, though, and for the sake of salvaging this well intentioned to-do, we decided to build a pretend water reservoir out of sand at the beach.

(Yes, I know this is cheating, deal with it.)