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250) Hand carve a pipe 9 Oct 2012

How to Make a Pipe

1) Find a piece of wood that already looks like a pipe (it makes things way easier).

2) Cut your desired piece of wood down from the tree.

3) Smooth ends and edges with file or sand paper.

4) Drill a hole through your stem and a hole through your bowl end that meet up in the middle (this is tricky, go slowly).

5) Once you have successfully drilled a hole in both ends that meet in the middle, drill a larger hole for your bowl.

6) If you have a long stem (like ours), you may need to cut the stem half-way up and drill holes through both stem pieces. You’ll need to drill a slightly larger hole 1 half-inch deep in one of the stem pieces; for the other stem piece, shave down 1 half-inch so that it fits together with the other.

7) Glue stem pieces together with wood glue from the outside of your pipe, not the inside. (Smoking glue is not cool.)

8) To cover up any glue residue left on your pipe, you can wrap around twine to create a decorative, tribal look.

9) Before use, make sure to soak your pipe in cold water overnight.

10) Remove your pipe from water and let dry 24-hours.

11) Happy smoking.