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164) Make butter 1 Jul 2012

How to make butter the hardcore pioneer way

1) Hand-milk a cow

2) Let milk sit at least 48 hours in your fridge (or cold room if  you’re a legit pioneer)

3) Skim the cream off the top

4) Blend the cream in a mixer on high until the fat globules clump together (you could also use a butter churner but that would take forever)

5) Keep on mixing until those fat globules turn to clumpy curds (that’s you’re butter in action!)

5) Strain your clumpy curds and rinse under cold water

6) Use a fork and gently press down on your curds, squeezing out any excess water, until you have a solid mass

7) Presto, you’ve got butter. Add sea salt or fresh herbs to taste.

*A perfect to-do to end our wild, record-breaking weekend of to-dos. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend so special for us. On the way home we caught a double rainbow and a glorious sunset :)