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146) Leave a lock on a bridge 19 Jun 2012

On bridges across the globe from Paris to New York to Rome, personalized love locks adorn rusty railings, symbolizing the everlasting love of young, starry lovers. 

The act of “leaving a lock on a bridge” was first seen in the early 2000’s in Europe, and the romantic ritual has since spread all over.

John encountered a crazy love-lock bridge in Leningrad (Russia) and thought it could be silly, ridiculous and fun to do it ourselves somewhere in the world. Why not Chicago? For an hour we roamed around downtown, until we found some sparkly heart stickers at an art store. Then we grabbed a beer, decorated our love lock, walked over to Chicago’s most popular bridge (Michigan Bridge), affixed our lock to the railing, and then threw the key in the river, sealing the whole act with a kiss.

Who knows, maybe we’ll come back to Chicago one day and find more locks by lovers as barf-in-your-mouth cheesy as ourselves.