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92) Calculate our bodyweight in stones 20 Apr 2012

Admittedly, this is a ridiculous to-do….

Have you ever watched that show….that hilariously alarming British TV-series called Supersize vs Superskinny? The premise is pretty simple: take a massively overweight person and hook them up with a severely skinny person, then swap their diets for a few days, and make them cry a lot until they realize the error of their ways. Not a bad show, really.

Anyhow, there’s this in-house “doctor” who likes to wear pinstriped shirts a lot. At the end of each episode he does a final weigh-in of each “patient” and goes on to reveal their final weights in Stones. Stones? What? We had to look it up….

1 Stone = 14 Pounds

Apparently, some Brits, for whatever reason, continue to use the antiquated term “Stone” as a unit of measurement. This dates way back to ancient Roman times when using actual “stones” was a standard practice for measuring weight. With the advent of metrication, the term fell out of fashion. But….turns out some chaps are still using it; the pinstriped doctor for example.

Just for fun, John and I went out to Value Village the other day, tried out some of their scales, settled on a low-tech one, weighed ourselves, and then did the complex calculations to figure out our own bodyweight in stones. Here’s the final weigh-in. Cool. I guess…

John = 13.42 Stones
Laura = 9 Stones