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43) Smoke a cuban cigar 24 Feb 2012

Friday Night:

A Friday night in Toronto, and we had options. We could have attended that art opening across town; crashed that house party in the Market; hosted a dinner for some of our classier friends. But instead, we chose to wander the city in search of Cuban cigars and cactus, before passing out on our apartment floor to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

There is logic here. I can assure you. You see…with a massive list of things to do this year, finding crafty ways to knock off multiple things to-do in one day has become a bit of a game for us. For example, after scrolling through our list of remaining to-do’s we decided to make last night a “Wild West” themed night. (I know, totally, disgustingly lame). Believe me, there’s nothing that irks me more than couples that do annoying couple-y things like wear matching track suits or get each other’s initials tattooed on their body parts. But you’ll have to forgive us, we’ve got 325 things left to-do. So I say whatever works. Even if it means throwing away my morals and better judgement.

The night unfolds:

Our “Wild West” themed night began in earnest. Hopping on the Queen Street car, we headed west, keeping our eyes peeled for an open cigar shop while simultaneously searching our iPhones for some place to eat cactus and somewhere online to download Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Somewhere around Queen & Bathurst we jumped out.

The cigar shop we found online was not where it was suppose to be. We continued to head west until we walked passed a shady looking convenient store. A young man who refused to give us his name or get his picture taken by us (so I’ll just call him Wang), opened a cabinet to reveal a plethora of cigar options. Wang took the time to describe each in detail, from the smaller more modest types to the thicker, more expensive Cuban varieties. We went
with the classiest of options: a Romeo Y Julieta from Havana.

Later that night we lit her up. I think I almost hacked a lung out. John and I got through a 1/4 of it before chucking it to the curb.

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