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228) Explore Aromatherapy 26 Sep 2012

Without access to a certified aromatherapist, or an amateur aromatherapist for that matter (the sales lady was busy that day), we decided the next best thing would be to conduct our own self-led aromatherapy “experiment.”

This involved: a little google research, going to a health-food store, sniffing over 20 different scents, debating each scents’ merits on an instinctive, physiological, psychological, and metaphysical level, and then making up fun categories for the ones we liked the most. For example: rosemary is most definitely our *Power* essence.

What’s a *Power* essence you ask? We made that one up. For fun, let’s say it’s the scent that makes you just want to get-up and go and do something, like run a marathon or write a story or jump in a lake fully clothed. That’s rosemary for us (cedar coming in at a close second).

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