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168) Build an Inuksuk 5 Jul 2012

With deep roots in Inuit culture, the Inuksuk was used as a navigational device to help the Inuits traverse the vast horizons of the North. Among many practical applications, Inuksuks were employed as hunting aids, coordination points, message centres, and spiritual markings.

On Canada day we made our first attempt at building our own Inuksuk out of the slabs of stone in our favourite spot in Leslie Spit (a non-toxic dumping ground and public park in Toronto).

Remember months ago when we built that tree swing here? It’s still here! We totally assumed someone would tear it down the next day. But no, it’s been used — and used well — judging by the frayed rope where your hands go. In fact, to our surprise, the entire environment around the swing has been transformed; now colourful spray paint adorns the swing and the rocks around it, creating an unusual, unified sitting space, perfect for lounging along Lake Ontario.

We opted to continue the transformation of this strange site, building our Inuksuk a few feet away from our tree swing. We’re pretty pleased with it (with the whole site actually).