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211) Cut each other’s hair 4 Sep 2012

{Note: This was the first to-do of ten completed this past weekend at John’s family’s place. We’ll be posting these gradually throughout the week, as they happened. For the sake of naming things, we’re calling this weekend ‘Laura & John’s Ultimate Thrifty To-Do Marathon‘}

Thrift Tip #1:
Cut your own hair

Ladies, spending $40 every time you need a hair trim is not exactly practical. You’ll save money and time by simply following the “throw back” method (John discovered it on Youtube). The throw back method is quick and easy, though seemingly archaic. Don’t be fooled by how it looks; the method actually works well – even if you’ve got layers like me.

First step: Throw your head upside down. Second step: Gather your hair in an elastic band (wet hair is best). Last step: Snip off a chunk in one go with a pair of sharp scissors. Done!

For the men out there, I’d suggest visiting your nearest China Town. Cuts are around $10.00 where we live. But if you want to be mega thrifty, you can alway have a friend or parter cut it for you. It’s not that hard. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing on John, and look… turned out kinda sorta decent!