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185) Start a rock collection 17 Jul 2012

If there’s anything as titillating as building a burgeoning rock collection, it’s photographing a burgeoning rock collection — especially with a macro lens. Seriously, I could rearrange our rocks and photograph them in different rock formations all day if I could.

Over the last year or so, John and I have been picking up neat pieces of rocks and bits of rock-like-objects from our travels. Why you ask? Just for fun, just because, just cause rocks are COOL. If you look at the photos, you’ll notice some colourful ones; those are actually bits of broken tile from the Leslie Spit (our fav green space in Toronto). That smooth, round, grey-ish and white rock; that’s our most recent find. That’s a piece of limestone from the shores of Georgian Bay where we camped last weekend.

Unfortunately, missing in these photos, is a superb fossil we picked up from Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. That piece is over 200 milion years old from the Triassic period. Also missing is a rock I swiped from the bottom of that ancient Myan cave we explored in Belize. Somehow I’ve misplaced them in our uber-organized closet. I don’t know how this happened, but the fact that it’s organized makes their disappearance all the more annoying. It’s just so so hot in Toronto these days, too hot to be searching for rocks in a closet. Urk, sorry :(

So there you have it, our rock collection in the making. We’ll be keeping them out on display in our backyard for the summer…or maybe until the fall….or at least until our landlord tells us to put them away.