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89) Throw a surprise birthday party 15 Apr 2012

The thing I really love about this crazy project of ours (which, I’ll admit, is taking over our lives more than I had anticipated) is how it has forced John and I to really examine the connections between things: the people in our lives; the places we frequent and aspire to go; and the circumstances of each given day.

Each day we look at our list, survey the big picture, weigh out our options, and then make a decision to “do something” based on the circumstances of that day: work obligations; social obligations; our energy levels; and so on.

The real challenging part is trying to find patterns, or ways to creatively integrate multiple to-do’s in one day, or one week, or one month, that makes doing them more interesting, worthwhile, and fulfilling; rather than just doing them for the sake of doing them.

For example, yesterday was “British” day. This was part chance, part pre-conceived. The pre-conceived part was throwing a transatlantic Skype surprise birthday party for my ultimate best friend Bill (who moved to England to be with his partner, David, a few months ago). David schemed up a brilliant idea to have all of Bill’s friends together at once for the surprise.

Call it a ‘coincidence’ that David had this idea to co-host a surprise party (which was already on our to-do list). Call it a ‘coincidence’ that Amy had to work, unexpectedly, at the Historic Fort York that day, and couldn’t make the skype-in, causing us to relocate the party to an English pub down the street from her so that she could easily escape on break. Call it a ‘coincidence’ that “Visit Fort York,” was already on our to-do list, and that Amy was able to give us a crazy, personal guided-tour of the old British military complex before we headed over to Bill’s party.

Coincidence, chance, happenstance, or just well-crafted opportunities? I am not exactly sure. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that, as each day progresses, I can see more clearly how all of this is interconnected, and how my friends, especially, have become a major part of this project. For that, I am grateful.

I am off on a tangent here. The Skype-in was brilliant, really. Just look at the pics…you’ll feel the love.

One Response

    Having never thrown a surprise party before, let alone with a transatlantic link up via Skype to a second party, my nerves were all over the place knowing that I was one of two people left to manage this on behalf of my best friend David, Bill’s Partner.

    All in all it was a success, with some hilarious situations due to elements beyond anyone’s control…the two line delay in “Happy Birthday” being my favourite! I completely agree with Laura’s point about how things all linking up and about how friends become integral to the things you strive to achieve.

    To my friends (and new found friends in Canada!) I am thankful to have them to allow such an event like this to happen. I have photos from the night, which I will be including on my blog (which you are welcome to use on here too) once I have got around to writing it.

    I love that the party goers in Canada were in a British pub and the British were drink Canadian Molsen.

    What a story to tell!