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335) Make a 10’+ ft. snow man 1 Jan 2013

There were those that doubted us on this to-do. 10 feet? Seriously? Um, like, how are you going to find enough snow? Isn’t that taller than a house? How are you going to stabilize the thing?

The truth is, we went outside with our snow pants and gloves with absolutely no idea how we were going to build a 10-ft snowman. Once we got the balls rolling, it all just came together. :)

I’m actually amazed by the whole process. I’m amazed that John’s whole family was willing to pitch in and help us accomplish this ridiculous to-do. I’m even more amazed that we managed to find a backhoe (a backhoe!?) on such short notice. I guess that’s one of the perks of being in the country: everybody knows somebody who owns a backhoe.

(Gratitude and thanks to everyone who was a part of making this to-do happen, and to John Vanderhaar for saving the day.)

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