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331) Have a winter picnic 31 Dec 2012

Next weekend we head up north to do some winter camping and knock off the rest of our winter to-do’s from our dwindling to-do list; we still have to snow shoe, dog sled, skate on a lake, build an ice sculpture, and cross country ski. (We’re starting off 2013 ambitiously.)

It’s funny because I used to hate the snow. I couldn’t stand the stuff. I hated my socks falling off my ankles and bunching in my boots. I hated getting snow up my arm sleeves. Mostly, I just hated being cold all the time. It took me years to realize that the reason I was cold all the time was because I never wore a real winter jacket or winter hat. (The psychotic things we do for fashion.)

Having the right gear can make or break an outdoor experience. Camping teaches you this. If you’re well prepared, weather should never deter you from having a good time. If it rains, throw on your rain paints. If it snows, add some more layers. If it gets hot, take some off.

This here winter picnic (with our friends Holly, D & Z) was perfect practice for next weekend’s trip. With the right gear, some soup, some coco, some protein leftovers, and a stove, we had everything we needed to withstand and enjoy the snow.

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  • Yan says:

    hi John and Laura, i saw your story in The Star today. my first impression, “there is really someone out there doing this!” i am the least adventurous person and my New Year resolution–first time ever–is to try some new every week, hopefully it won’t turn out to be a monthly thing. i like stories so i will keep up following you guys, as well as reading all the posts that i had missed in the past year. all the best!

    Susan says:

    I like this idea – very cute and inventive. Nice food – squash soup, lobsters, crusty rolls… Would you do this again?

    Laura & John says:

    For sure, picnics are great anywhere any time! ( it was left over turkey from Christmas dinner with the crusty rolls)

    Laura & John says:

    Yan – Thanks for comment. Best of luck on your weekly challenges! Please send us a link if you decided to blog about them. Wishing you a full year of endless inspiration.