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353) Keep a travel log 8 Jan 2013

Every year I say I’m going to keep an accurate travel log, and every year without fail it never happens. Somehow I loose interest, or the book gets lost, or I forget to bring it along with me.

But this year, with the excuse of having to maintain a daily blog, we were able to faithfully maintain a concurrent travel log. In many ways the travel log became our rough guide for the blog, a place to keep all our quick notes, thoughts, ideas, plans, and travel arrangements in order.

The log starts with our first big trip to Belize, documenting each day as it happened, along with the people we met, the places we stayed, and the food we ate. It continues on to document all our rad weekend camping adventures – our Saugeen river paddle, our canoe trip in spring thaw, our Lake Superior and Bon Echo trips –  and ends with our last big trip to Peru, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon jungle.

If ever this blog of ours one day disappears into the cyber ether, at least we’ll have our log book to look back on to remind ourselves that we lived one hell of a life in 2012.

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