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150) Drive around a Great Lake 25 Jun 2012

Throughout our years together we’ve gone on a number of epic road trips: we’ve driven around Mexico’s countryside, through ancient Greece, the Scottish Highlands, West Coast USA, the East Coast of Canada, and all throughout Northern Ontario’s park lands. There’s something deeply satisfying about driving together — the act of going, of moving forward, of visiting somewhere unknown on our own terms, where we can stop and go as we please, litter the back seat with coffee cups and empty bags of chips, blare bad pop music, stop for picnics, and read books aloud, with enough time to finish chapters in one long stretch.

Driving around a “Great Lake” was a road trip idea we had last year. Our Confession Booth tour was planned with this road trip in mind, and in so doing, we hit up a number of other sites on our 365 list….stopping in Buffalo first, passing through Cleveland, making our way to Toledo, taking a detour to Chicago, and then back again to Lake Erie, stopping in Detroit city for a change of pace.

Along the way we also composed an amazingly bad jingle about Lake Erie that we’re both pretty proud of — that post up next.