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29) Visit Belize 10 Feb 2012

Salutations from Belize!

I am writing this post from a little beach cabana about 20 ft feet from the Caribbean Sea. John is off wandering the coast, gazing at stars. You’ll have to forgive us for the delay in posts. As I expected, internet access has been spotty or virtually non-existent. I can assure you though, we’ve been diligently checking off our to-do list with each passing day.

Belize is a remarkable place. Locals will say with pride that it’s un-Beliezable! The country has more natural attractions per square mile than any other on earth, with a topography that changes at every compass point. As we drive around in our beat up 4wd Suzuki rental, we’ve encountered rivers, jungles, mountains, caves, waterfalls, coral reefs and ancient maya ruins. Despite the airline loosing our luggage with John’s clothes and all of our camping gear (which still hasn’t shown up by the way), we’ve managed to carry on in high spirits, savouring every inch of this astounding country.

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    marcia says:

    I am considering going to Belize as a Family Trip next christmas. Would you recommend your travel agent? How did you decide where to stay? Are there any All-inclusives that you would recommend? do you think young adults would enjoy? Our boys are 18 and 20-years- old. we like snorkelling as a family?
    Any suggestions?



      Laura & John says:

      Hi Marcia,

      John and I traveled Belize by car mostly, stopping at lodges along the way. We don’t have any experience with all-inclusives there, but I’m sure you can find some great ones in Placencia District (a cute seaside village w/ cafes and restaurants) or the Keys. I think your boys would love the ATM cave – an ancient Mayan cave you have to swim into in order to explore:

      (sorry no travel agent to recommend – we planned the trip on our own.)