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97) Travel to South America 25 Apr 2012

We did it. We’re here in Peru. We’ve been talking about this trip for about 5 years. Despite our persistent head colds and despite our airline loosing our luggage again! (that’s twice in a row now), we’re holding up pretty well. They tell me that my pack will arrive in Cusco sometime tomorrow morning. We’re keeping our fingers crossed tightly, as we leave for our 4-day trek to Machu Picchu tomorrow afternoon. If my pack doesn’t arrive in time, I’ll have to repurchase everything I need for the journey.

I’ll admit, I broke down in tears when I found out my bag hadn’t arrived…. after 10 hours of flying with a nasty cold and waiting in mad lineups, my patience was at an ultimate low. But… John had to remind me….. this is the nature of travelling; if you can’t hack it, don’t travel. There are always problems. It all comes down to your own perspective and your willingness to let things go in order to rise above the problems. (John has this way of be a snarky jerk sometimes, and yet, completely practical and logical all at the same time).

And he’s right. This isn’t the end of our trip. We’ll work it out. We’re here in Peru, together. That’s what matters. And nothing, not a lost pack or a head cold, is going to ruin this long-awaited adventure for us.

2 Responses

    Mom says:

    Not lost luggage again!
    I hope all will go well for you and your luggage will be found.
    And I hope the cayenne works! It’s supposed to keep your blood pressure down. :-)

    Justin says:

    Wow those pics are amazing! I started filling your site eer since you were on the morning news! I hope one day I can compile a list like you two have done and embark on many journeys like you have! Amazing! Keep the posts coming! I love to read them!