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142) Visit the Albright Knox gallery 15 Jun 2012

So John and I, being the crafty multi-taskers that we are, took off on a road trip yesterday to kill ten birds with one stone. (If we’re lucky, maybe even more by the end of it all.)

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we’ve got a whack of to-do’s left on our list (224 to be exact) that we need to complete before January 13, 2013. They WILL get done. That we know for sure. But the reality is….we’re falling behind, and falling fast. It was bound to happen; life gets busy, work gets busy. I partially blame that never-ending-arts-festival we just wrapped up, which dominated our lives for the last two months.

We figured cramming a bunch of our to-do’s into one, long, crazy weekend was the best way to go. And coincidently, we’re working on a new art commission for Toronto’s subway system that requires us to travel around to different cities with a portable confession booth, soliciting secrets from complete strangers (more about this project later). So while we’re knocking off to-do’s, we’re also working, and while we’re working, we’re also doing other things like working more, checking emails, writing releases, writing copy, designing things, admin-ing things, and everything else we do from our MacBooks.

Right now we’re sitting in a cheap diner in a ghostly quiet neighbourhood in Toledo, checking emails and nibbling on some crispy bacon. Yesterday we brought our confession booth to Buffalo, and while there stopped in at the Albright Knox Gallery. (As a modern art history major, this was a big to-do on my list.)

The Albright Knox gallery is known for their extensive collection of postwar American art, and has the largest collection of paintings by one of my favourite Abstract Expressionists Clyfford Still. It’s a small but gorgous gallery with lots of outdoor sculptures to do handstands around. Go next time you’re in Buffalo!

Our plans today: visit the Toledo Art Museum, set up our confession booth somewhere downtown, and then make our way to Chicago, then Detroit, then back home again.

Stick with us, we’re on a serious to-do fest.