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360) Yodel 10 Jan 2013

After nearly a year of 365 “firsts,” I can honestly say that nothing has been more rewarding than the firsts we’ve been able to experience with other people.

There have been so many instances throughout the year that we’ve found ourselves having to rely on the skills, knowledge, resources, and generosity of friends and family to complete our epic to-do list. (This was something we didn’t anticipate when we first started out.)

It’s easy to forget, disregard, or take for granted the knowledge that can be found within your own immediate network; as consumers, we tend to look externally for that stuff.

But what we’ve learned in this project is that “knowledge” can be found everywhere, in the most unlikely places, and – if tapped accordingly and given the right context – can be the seed to some exceptional experiences.

Thanks to our friend, Brian Sasaki, for sharing his incredible gift with us last night.

2 Responses

    Pragu says:

    Positive reinforcement is important, right?….You guys were GREAT!!!!
    Now, seriously, Brian….You ROCK!

    Mom says:

    This looks like an amazingly fun evening.
    Brian I truly love your singing – not sure about everyone else! :-)
    This blog reminds me of John’s grandfather; he used to love to yodel and have fun doing it.