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338) Throw a pie in someone’s face 3 Jan 2013

Oh the proverbial ‘pie in the face’ act. That gag never seems to go out of style. I guess you could say this was one of our ‘Why not?’ to-do’s. Fun for the sake of fun. It was either that or bathe in a tub full of jello, which John wouldn’t go for, so a pie in the face it was.

On Tuesday the Toronto Star published a cute article about our 365 project, which was followed by a phone call from Global News wanting to stop by our house and interview us for the 6pm news. It was actually the reporter’s idea for us to accomplish our pie in the face to-do on camera; she was extremely adamant about it in fact. Who were we to refuse?

Here’s us being pied on national TV. (It felt just as gross and invigorating as I had imagined.)

*Special thanks to John for cleaning the entire kitchen while I washed my hair, and to my parents for recording this off their TV set.

7 Responses

    Natasha says:

    Congrats on this! Good luck on your final couple of tasks!!

    Jaquandor says:

    Congrats! A pie in the face is always awesome — my wife gets to pie me semi-yearly, usually around my birthday. It’s a tradition we started some years ago when we were going through a rough patch and needed some ways to blow off steam and have fun with one another. Best wishes and good luck with whatever’s left on the list! :)

    Samantha says:

    Wow, this is what I always wanted but never dared. Howdoes it feel to get a pie in the face?
    I would love to get a pie in my face once!
    Looks like good fun!
    love Samantha

    jane connor says:

    could I use one of your pie-in-face pictures on a lecture slide for a class I teach on teamwork? It would be used to illustrate the point that, often, our communication goes awry :-) I’d be happy to give you any credit you like. Thanks. Jane Connor