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294) Make an orange peel lamp 15 Dec 2012

Dear Readers,

John’s back from Europe! (I was starting to miss the guy).

Thank you all for following us along, for throwing us your support, your comments, and your encouragement. This little blog of ours has become a huge part of our life this year and I think we both needed some time to step back, refocus, and take some much needed “alone time” so that each of us could come back charged and ready to finish what we started together.

We’ve got exactly one month to burn through our remaining to-do’s; not an easy feat considering we’re in the thick of holiday madness and we’ve each got work deadlines approaching.

To cope, we’ve tasked ourselves with a regimented early morning blog posting routine; strong espresso is our new best friend; calendars are now fully booked. Family and friends, whether you like it or not, if you want to hang out with us this month you’re going up on the blog.

— Argh, I just finished the last bit of our coffee beans unknowingly. John’s looking irked and grumpy across the table, eye brows furrowed, editing away. He’s now moved on to our instant coffee camping stash. (He needs a hair cut). Actually, so do I. (Who has time for hair cuts?) —-

Oh, check out our orange peel lamp, powered by 100% virgin olive oil. We saw this in a survival guide once. Thought we’d give it a shot. It works!






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