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98) Try a ridiculous cold remedy 25 Apr 2012

Nothing sucks more than waking up with a head cold the day you have to fly 10 hours with a stop over.

6am Monday morning, John and I wake up to the feeling as though a dump truck has pummelled us over. Our heads ache, our bodies ache, our poor nostrils….they feel like some small rodent has crawled up them to hibernate.

We assume that someone at the wedding passed it on. With all the running around and late nights, it makes sense that our weak bodies would latch onto it. Shitty timing. The ONLY silver lining is that now we have a reason to check-off that one relevant to-do on our list: Try a ridiculous cold remedy.

Last night we did some research at our hotel in Urubamba (a quiet villa located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas). We had many options: we could have put a hairless dog on our naked chests; downed a cup of raw garlic; got drunk off vodka; or eaten Vix Vapour Rub straight out of the jar.

In the end, we settled on cayenne pepper and hot water. It was all we could find. We’re feeling a little more chipper this morning.