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230) Get a shiatsu massage 26 Sep 2012

Some words to describe our first experience with shiatsu therapy: soft, quiet, light, intuitive, graceful, giving. I give you words only because I can’t fully articulate the physical experience. I can compare it to the sensation of a whisper, the sound of a Coltrane record at night, mint tea in the morning, the feeling of knowing you’re almost home after a long road trip. The experience is different for everyone; ultimately we left our session feeling a little more at peace in our bodies.

For those unfamiliar, Shiatsu is a non-invasive massage therapy based on ancient Japanese healing principles, modern anatomy and physiology theory. The practice is said to stimulate and promote the body’s own healing capacity through the gentle application of pressure points and therapeutic stretches, relieving stiff muscles, improving circulation and reducing stress.

After our first session, we felt light, aligned, connected, right as rain. Definitely something I’d like to pursue deeper.

If you’re curious to give shiatsu therapy a try, we recommend you see Matias Rozenberg at the Shiatsu Centre in Toronto. Matias was excellent. He gave us his full attention and care, offered us space before and after to discuss the process, and really took the time to make us feel relaxed and at peace in his care.