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8) Eat out at Poutini’s 21 Jan 2012

Last night was suppose to be the night of our first ever trapeze class. We were sooo jazzed. John wore some loose fitting cargos for the occasion and I decked out some serious jeggings. We booked a zip car, drove out to west-west-west Toronto, decided to stop in and register for our Scuba Diving classes while we were out there (another to-do on our list), and then found ourselves caught in Toronto gridlock.

Missing our trapeze class by 20 minutes, we decided to turn around, head back to the core, and drown our disappointment in a bowl of artery clogging, cheesy Poutini goodness.

Poutini’s House of Poutine on Queen St. West has consistently been rated top of the tops; precisely why we threw it on our list of 365 things to-do.

Served by a friendly hipster fellow with a curly moustache, I ordered their teeny weeny sized container of “Layered Cheese Poutine.” John ordered their regular sized “Pulled Pork Poutine.”

Overall the poutines were good. Very good. But not amazing. Perhaps all the hype killed it for us (as hype so often does). The portions (at least on this night) seemed small. For the price (6.99 for my teeny weeny), I would have like to see my fries overflowing. They barely reached the top of the container. However, all that said, I’ll definitely come back and give them another whirl.

Things we enjoyed:
-High quality ingredients
-Poutines served in biodegradable containers with compostable cutlery
-Well seasoned gravy (mild and not too salty)
-Beastie Boys blaring overhead
-Gorgeous decor (stained wood, classy wallpaper, local artists on display)
-Tree stump chairs!
-The friendly hipster fellow with the curly moustach

(Trapezing will have to wait till next week).

2 Responses

    Pragu says:

    Once again, I am living vicariously through this project…due to my intolerable lactose intolerance I could feel my stomach churn and my mouth water with your awesome pics!
    What a wonderful way to clog your disappointment!

    Sharpey says:

    Oh man, when I was in Toronto, I did love a trip down to Poutini’s. It’ll definitely be on my hit-list upon my return. And how could you forget the neon “Om-nom-nom” sign hanging above the door. Love it :o)