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143) Write on a bathroom stall door 16 Jun 2012

For the last two months I’ve been carrying around a Sharpie in my purse, waiting for the right moment and the right bathroom stall door to write down something profound (or at the very least, something pithy and entertaining).

Late the other night, en route from Buffalo to Toledo, we stopped in at a small campground along Lake Erie to rest our heads. It was a family campground, dominated by trailers and motor homes, each home decked out in multicoloured patio lanterns and old Christmas lights.

Our tiny 20×20 campsite was located directly across from the public washrooms, where we happened to find some pretty amazing bathroom stall graffiti. Some memorable passages include: “I pooed here, beware”….”I love my crazy redneck family”….”I love this door!”….and “Jesus lives here.”

Naturally, we had to contribute to this hive of intellectual discourse…

John’s contribution was a quote from Edward Abbey, one of our favourite writers. Mine was short and simple. I decided I would write the first thing that came to my head after hitting the flush button.