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337) Visit the ROM’s new building 2 Jan 2013

The other night, right before our tango dancing debacle, we swung by the Royal Ontario Museum to finally witness the interior of the hotly debated ‘Michael Lee-Chin Crystal‘ addition by world-class architect Daniel Libeskind. While many critics have celebrated Libeskind’s bold, audacious design, The Washington Post called it the “Worst Piece of Architecture of the Decade,” and went on to say that “…it surpasses the ugliness of bland functional buildings by being both ugly and useless.”

Harsh much? We think so. But honestly, what’s the point in debating? Ugly or not, monstrous or magnificent, love it or hate it, the Crystal has got the world talking about Toronto. (This wasn’t always so.) Worst of the worst? Right on. I call for more worst of the worst lists! More bold, ambitious, “ugly” buildings in Toronto! More risks. More brash statements!

The city of Toronto deserves nothing less.