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28) Go inside Toronto’s Flatiron Building 9 Feb 2012

Tomorrow morning John and I fly out to Belize to celebrate our 7-year anniversary. We’ll be checking off a number of exciting to-do’s as we bounce between Belize’s coast (the largest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere) and Belize’s tropical rainforest. Posts may be more sporadic than usual; I imagine wifi is hard to come by in the jungle. But do check back when you can, or even better, subscribe to our RSS feed.

In the meantime, you can check out some photographs we took today of the rarely seen interior of Toronto’s Flatiron Building (1892). While running around the city gathering last minute gear, we found ourselves right beside it, and figured we might as well check it off our to-do list.

The building, also known as the Gooderham Building, is considered to be the most well-preserved architectural icon in the city (and apparently the most photographed). As a local, it’s one of those buildings you pass by all the time but never actually go into. Just do a quick google search for “Toronto’s Flatiron Building.” You’ll find hundreds of exterior photographs. But none at all taken from the inside looking out. That is….until today.

Yep, we’ve got skills.

2 Responses

    Michele RackhamHall says:

    What a neat building! I actually figured the inside was rather boring since, as you note, it’s never photographed. Was I ever wrong. I love the elevator and winding staircase. Ahh, back when buildings had character…