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27) Try deep-fried ice cream 8 Feb 2012

Deep-fried ice cream should be served everywhere, at every restaurant, and off every ice cream truck in the city. I am not sure why it’s so difficult to find this kind of culinary goodness in Toronto. In theory it’s a perfectly respectable desert. Ice cream, deep fried. Simple. What’s the problem? But for whatever reason, only a handful of restaurants serve the dish.

On the east-end of the city is a place called La Cabana, a Peruvian & Mexican restaurant in Greek Town. It being only a short walk down Logan Street from our office, we decided to take a quick lunch break and finally try some deep-fried yum.

There we were greeted by La Cabana owner, Eduardo, a warm and friendly man from Lima, Peru. Our meal of pork tacos and sauteed shrimp was excellent – tasty, flavourful, perfect. Sadly, our deep-fried ice cream was a miss (I feel awful admitting this). Forgive me Eduardo.

From what I’ve heard, the beauty of deep-fried ice cream is that it’s hot and crispy on the outside, and cold and gooey on the inside. But this was not the case at La Cabana. Though the dish did look beautiful topped with whipped cream and chocolate, the outside layer was a little bland, cold and mushy.

A disappointment for sure, but nothing to dwell over. The food, as I said, is very good. And Eduardo is the sweetest of sweet. We’ll be back.

If anyone out there has advice on where to get some really good deep-fried ice cream, please share your knowledge with us below. We’d very much like that.

2 Responses

    Robyn says:

    Come visit London! I’ll take you two to ElRanchito for the best darned deep fried ice cream ever!

    Great job on the blog! We’re loving it here!

      admin says:

      Thanks, Robyn. I will take you up on that offer soon! I’ve yet to find anything good in this deep-fried-ice-cream-less city.